Installation Instruction for Cartridge Filters

  1. Remove all old bags and cages or pleated filters from the collector. Make sure the top surface and inside surface of the tubesheet hole to ensure a good seal.
  2. Lower the pleated filter into the tubesheet hole, with the bottom going in first, making sure you are not damaging any filter media while doing so.
  3. Gently push one side of the urethane top until the gasket grove slips into place around the tubesheet hole. Continue working your way around the top edge of the pleated filter until the entire gasket groove has slipped over the tubesheet hole.
  4. The top flange of the pleated filters should be flat against the tubesheet with the gasket groove securely in place around the tubesheet hole.
  5. Squeeze the snapband in the center which will form a figure "8".
  6. Bend the figure "8" so the snapband fits into the top of the pleated filter.
  7. While holding the snapband against the inner wall, release the figure "8" and allow the snaring to expand. Push the remaining snapband element out to form the original shape and make a complete circle. The snapband element should "snap" into place.
  8. The snapband should be positioned on top of the three vertical posts and under the small flange at the top of the filter. Ensure the snapband is level and installed correctly for proper seal and to hold the pleated filter securely into the tubesheet.